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1. I like to learn more about myself
2. I can play a musical instrument
4. I Find It Easiest To Solve Problems When I Am Doing Something Physical
5. I Often Have A Song Or Piece Of Music In My Head
6. I Find Budgeting And Managing My Money Easy
7. I Find It Is Easy To Make Up Stories
8. I Have Always Been Very Co-ordinated
9. When Talking To Someone, I Tend To Listen To The Words They Use Not Just What They Mean
10. I Enjoy Cross Words, Word Searches Or Other Word Puzzles
11. I Don't Like Ambiguilty, I Like Things To Be Clear
12. I Enjoy Logic Puzzles Such As 'sudoku'
13. I Like To Meditate
14. Music Is Very Important To Me
15. I Am Convincing Liar
16. I Play A Sport A Dance
17. I Am Very Interested In Psychometrics (personality Testing) And IQ Tests
18. People Behaving Irrationally Annoy Me
19. I Find That The Music That Appeals To Me Is Often Based On How I Feel Emotionally
20. I Am A Very Social Person And Like Being With Other People
21. I Like To Be Systematic And Thorough
22. I Find Graphs And Charts Easy To Understand
23. I Can Throw Things Well - Darts, Skimming Pebbles, Frisbees, Etc
24. I Find It Easy To Remember Quotes Or Phrases
25. I Can Always Recognise Places That I Have Been Before, Even When I Was Very Young
26. I Enjoy A Wide Variety Of Musical Styles
27. When I Am Concentrating I Tend To Doodle
28. I Could Manipulate People If I Choose To
29. I Can Predict My Feelings And Behaviours In Certain Situations Fairly Accurately
30. I Find Mental Arithmetic Easy
31. I Can Identify Most Sounds Without Seeing What Causes Them
32. At School One Of May Favourite Subject Is / Was English
33. I Like To Think Through A Problem Carefully, Considering All The Consequences
34. I Enjoy Debates And Discussions
35. I Love Adrenaline Sports And Scary Rides
36. I Enjoy Individual Sports Best
37. I Care About How Those Around Me Feel
38. My House Is Full Of Pictures And Photographs
39. I Enjoy And Am Good At Making Things - I'm Good With My Hands
40. I Like Having Music On In The Background
41. I Find It Easy To Remember Telephone Numbers
42. I Set Myself Goals And Plans For The Future
43. I Am A Very Tactile Person
44. I Can Tell Easily Whether Someone Likes Me Or Dislikes Me
45. I Can Easily Imagine How An Object Would Look From Another Perspective
46. I Never Use Instructions For Flat-pack Furniture
47. I Find It Easy To Talk To New People
48. To Learn Something New, I Need To Just Get On And Try It
49. I Often See Clear Images When I Close My Eyes
50. I Don't Use My Fingers When I Count
51. I Often Talk To Myself - Out Loud Or In My Head
52. At School I Loved / Love Music Lessons
53. When I Am Abroad, I Find It Easy To Pick Up The Basics Of Another Language
54. I Find Ball Games Easy And Enjoyable
55. My Favourite Subject At School Is / Was Maths
56. I Always Know How I Am Feeling
57. I Am Realistic About My Strengths And Weaknesses
58. I Keep A Diary
59. I Am Very Aware Of Other People's Body Language
60. My Favourite Subject At School Was / Is Art
61. I Find Pleasure In Reading
62. I Can Read A Map Easily
63. It Upsets Me To See Someone Cry And Not Be Able To Help
64. I Am Good At Solving Disputes Between Others
65. I Have Always Dreamed Of Being A Musician Or Singer
66. I Prefer Team Sports
67. Singing Makes Me Feel Happy
68. I Never Get Loss When I Am On My Own In A New Place
69. If I Am Learning How To Do Something, I Like To See Drawings And Diagrams Of How It
70. I Am Happy Spending Time Alone
71. My Friends Always Come To Me For Emotional Support And Advice

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Declaration :
I declare that the information provided is true and completed in all aspects. I understand that any misrepresentation or omission of information may be considered sufficient for withdrawal of an offer or subsequent dismissal from employment.